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Sep 15, 2012 1:00pm PDT
d, dba, the armory club. 1799 mission. permit application. >> this is category from the armory -- cattycorner from the armory. the applicant plans to make it into a lounge. it is a small space with no dance floor. we have received no letters of support or protest. i will let the applicant tell you more. >> good evening. this is an 1800 square-foot space. we're trying to create something where we have a social atmosphere. we chose to not support lauch -- a large speakers. we would like to have the option to book a bj when we would like. so now -- a dj when we would like. our price ranges from $7 to $12. we're hoping to add a higher and choice. we're working with security services. not only will we have a security guard at the door, we will have a back a security guard to use that we can pull in case there's any big issue. it is my first time doing this. if you have any questions. >> are you going to use outside promoters or are you going to keep this in house? >> my intention is to keep this in house so it keeps the neighborhood feel. if i did choose to use an outside promoter,
Sep 21, 2012 4:30pm PDT
are allowed. thank you. >> president hwang: thank you. calling item 6, appeal 12-081 kinami ahmed dba "nile cafÉ", appellant(s), versus department of public health, respondent. 544 jones street. appealing the 30-day suspension of a tobacco product sales permit. reason for suspension: violation of state law and the san francisco health code which p tobacco products. director's case no. smk12-06. we will start with the appellant's agent and you have seven minutes. >> thank you. abraham -- appearing on behalf of mr. ahmed. the reason for the appeal is the decision of the department is that it is overbroad and punitive. in addition we request a -- that the board review de novo the denial of the exemption request that the appellant submitted timely in a timely fashion. the smoking of huka pipes and the enjoyment of the camaraderie that occurs around that have great cultural significance. unfortunately, the smoking ban in san francisco allowed the huka bar to fall through the cracks of that regulation. as i stated in my brief, mr. ah med because he is a muslim is not able to sell alcohol and it
Sep 12, 2012 5:00pm EDT
.. >>> in woodbridge, virginia, police say dba man stabbed in hi home, knows one of the men that attacked he said two men broke into theki house on delmar drive.el one man stabbed him, he's beinge treated for life threatening they took off in the victim's car, with tag number 302506. >>> new information tonight init the death investigation of aga culpeper county timan. medical examiner say the 62-year-old gary cook died of natural causes. yesterday, a maintenance worker found his body in his apartment. prior to his death though, cook was in the process of suing a culpeper employers forem $5 million -- police officers for $5 million about shooting his wife and making a false claim. >>> an investigation reveals an potential danger on the it's a problem the governmente knows about, but some say is not doing enough to fix. sherry lee has a look at whatas she uncovered. >> reporter: shawn, every yearr: hundreds of people die son the roads when their cars slam into the back of a semi truck, and then slide underneath. most large trucks have this bar across the back that is to
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)